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Why should you get Exonika to manage your social media platforms?

We are incredibly helpful when it comes to social media management simply because we understand how important it is for your organization’s social media posts to stay on brand.

Work gets hectic but with an organised social media management team this should be a walk in the park. We can bring the sparkle out of the gloomy by working together with the clients and discovering new things to post. Let us help you create an online presence by managing your social media platforms.  We can help you generate more leads and update old blog posts from time to time, with substantial material. Your social presence comes alive 24/7 with scheduled posts and you get to see your social content schedule at a glance. Being able to post in advance can be one lifesaving technique.

With us, only approved content goes live because there is a designated social media team which ensures that. We promote your products and services in a fun and interactive way. We will work out a winning social media strategy for you that will create a following, give an overview of milestones while conducting polls for existing and potential clients. We will conduct research to find out what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and make improvements where necessary.

The safety of our clients is very important that is why we ensure that your media security features are secure and compliant. Your brand is protected without limiting social reach.

SMM - Social Media Management ...

Our team offers a creative approach to your social media platforms


Get to know your target audience before planning your content and starting your marketing campaign.  Without the correct research you won't be able to actively engage on your social media platform.

Social Media Management


Each brand, product or service, gets a content deck that details the focus points and dates for the month. After the monthly content deck has been approved, the graphic and social teams plan and create the content.

These posts then get pre-scheduled, based on the planning and research gathered in the research part. Daily checks are done to make sure that the social media posts get published on the correct date and time, after which the posts gets re-shared to the correct groups and platforms.


Our social system measures and tracks the progress of each post.  The reach, engagement and conversion statistics are reviewed and discussed with the client to make sure that we give our clients reliable information. 


Social Media Management at Exonika


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