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Marketing with XO

At Exonika our focus is not simply marketing or branding your company...

It is a journey we take your clients and customers on which showcases your products and services to our best abilities, making your brand relatable, fresh and without a doubt the best of its kind. It’s about growing client basis and delivering on unique selling points that made you believe in YOUR brand!


With years of experience across the industries we strive to create a strong marketing strategy that will fit your company. Let us help you put your company on the map through print, social media and the web. We deal with what works for you to make your company a success. 

We major in digital marketing as it is a cost effective, adaptable medium to interact with people and market your brand. Our range of expertise includes media planning and implementation, with an expert team that specializing in different services like SEO and SMM to build a digital footprint for your brand.

Exonika Marketing

Why Exonika?

It all started in the Summer of 2010 as a small studio space and 8 years later we are a leading agency with a Team of 10 members,  210+ projects and recurrent clients all year long.

The true success in proper brand establishment and creating a lasting experience that resonates with your clients goes far beyond a logo and business cards - it’s about believing in your company and its people, their commitment and ensuring top notch client service time and time again.


Creative consultation is what we strive to with every project briefing and thanks to our brilliant team of creative’s and forward thinkers we keep design fresh, fun and on top of our best game.

Reason 2 : STRATEGY

Strategic marketing and branding not only highlights’ a client marketplace but sets it apart from competitors and industry challengers. We build brand value, communication and service recognition.

Reason 3 : GROWTH

Whether a small coffee shop or a large corporation all Exonika clients enjoy the same professional level of quality design and implementation creating the perfect opportunity for growing your business with ours.

Reason 4 : FEEDBACK

The best way to build brand relationships is knowing who your client is and what their goals, dreams and unique selling points are and
making sure communication is key to achieving success.